Individual cable assembly

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Individual cable assembly

We assemble cables according to your wishes

An individual cable assembly is an essential part of every electronic product. With our expertise and experience, we make your cable assembly a perfect solution for your needs, on time and safely. Our cables are assembled and installed by experienced technicians and meet strict quality standards. in-Tec Bensheim assembles 220,000 cables per year. Contact us to get a quote for your cable assembly.

The right assembly from specialists

Cable assemblies are manufactured individually according to your specific requirements. Choose from our numerous standard products or have a customized cable assembly made according to length, color, cross-section and connector type. Our specialists are at your side with advice and support and ensure that you receive the right solution in the shortest possible time. Additional services such as device assembly round off our range of services.

Customized cable assembly

As a specialist in cable assembly and connector technology, our cable assemblies and electronic components impress with their outstanding quality and performance. in-Tec Bensheim specializes in prototypes and the series production of customized cable assemblies. If you are planning to bring a new product to market, we can help you bring your designs to life individually using the latest technologies in cable assembly and connector technology. We pride ourselves on designing and developing our solutions for the most demanding applications.

Assembled in Bensheim, shipped around the world

We supply cable assemblies for the world's major industries, used by a wide range of leading companies. Each of our customers faces their own challenges. The team works with them to develop solutions that are perfectly tailored to their specific needs. in-Tec Bensheim assembles cables individually according to customer requirements. Many years of cooperation with brand manufacturers and experience distinguish us. We can produce the cable assemblies you need. Contact us!