Cable assembly electrical engineering

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Cable assembly electrical engineering

Electrical cable assemblies from experienced hands

in-Tec Bensheim is a cable assembly and electrical engineering company located in Bensheim in southern Hesse. As an assembler of cables for electrotechnical devices and applications, we offer planning, engineering and manufacturing services to companies from a wide range of industries.

Our products are characterized by a great deal of experience, a high degree of flexibility and individually tailored solutions. The rapid development of electrical engineering is also reflected in our company. The cable assembly Elektrotechnik in-Tec Bensheim combines several of the most important factors when it comes to cable assembly. These include: Competence, time and cost savings, flexibility and reliability. The result is always a high-quality solution with an excellent price-performance ratio and attractive delivery times.

Expertise in cable assembly for electrical systems

As a cable assembler in Germany, we understand electrical and electronic assemblies and connectors for industry and medical technology. Competence, quality, flexibility - these are our focal points.

We have the expertise and experience required for the assembly of electrical cables. Our specialists are happy to take care of all aspects of this task, from your individual cable design and testing requirements to assembly, industrialization and delivery.

With decades of experience in electrical cable assembly, our cable assemblies are as robust as can be - even under extreme environmental conditions. We also offer cable assemblies in the high-voltage range for industries such as automation technology, aerospace, logistics, the rail industry, plant engineering and industrial manufacturing.

Find out more about our electrical engineering cable assembly services and specify your individual requirements to us. You can rely on us and our high-quality production. We will be pleased to receive order proposals from you and discuss the further procedure.

Excursus Electrical Engineering - What is it?

Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline that utilizes disciplines related to "electrical engineering" such as electronics and electromagnetism. Other applications of electrical engineering include telecommunications, control systems, signal processing, and aerospace. This area of engineering not only deals with coils and antennas to microchips, but also explores the application of electronics in various large-scale equipment, buildings, and infrastructure projects such as airports, railroads, and integrated manufacturing facilities.