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Electromechanical assemblies

Certified manufacturing service provider
The production of assemblies is a complex process that requires a high level of experience. As a system supplier and contract manufacturer, in-Tec Bensheim has specialized in the assembly of electromechanical components such as relays, power supplies or connectors.

The production of ready-to-install and sensitive components such as sensors or circuit boards are also part of our product range, which we produce for our customers as certified manufacturing service provider in quality management.

Care and security for product integrity

The work areas in our plant are organized on a product-specific basis. When processing orders, our skilled employees take careful safety precautions to avoid possible mechanical or electromagnetic influences: a special, anti-static ESD area protects the component assembly from electrostatic discharges and ensures product integrity. A clean room as a cleanliness area ensures the targeted minimization of contamination risks for sensitive components.

For each component, in-Tec Bensheim works out a test plan after consultation with the client in order to check the specified quality features. Every contract production is completed with a full test documentation.

Advice and development in component manufacturing

We usually assemble assemblies according to specified construction plans, production drawings, assembly instructions or circuit diagrams. Through the many years of routine, partners appreciate our wealth of experience, so that in-Tec Bensheim also contributes its knowledge as a consultant for the optimization of components. We also support our customers in aspects of developments: in cooperation with other service providers, we create solutions for checking the quality of individual components.

We manufacture various electromechanical assemblies

At a glance – in-Tec Bensheim manufactures and installs electromechanical components for its customers such as, for instance:

  • actuators
  • control units
  • foot switches
  • hand switches
  • high-voltage components (HV-components)
  • high-current connections
  • hybrid cables
  • cable harnesses
  • power supplies
  • circuit boards
  • relay modules
  • sensors