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Cable assembly and plug connections

Assemble cables according to customer requirements

We assemble cables according to specifications, but also support the design of cables, lines and plug connections. With an assembly rate of over 220.000 pieces per year, we focus on assembling high-quality cables with special requirements, especially for the medical technology industry specialized. in-Tec Bensheim implements the cable assembly in Germany.

Cable assembly with first-class quality

We use contacts, connectors and cables from well-known manufacturers. Depending on customer requirements, we use different high-quality connector solutions. We provide you with plug-in connection systems such as multi-couplings, quick-release couplings or solenoid valve couplings.
The cable assembly portfolio includes the assembly of single and multiple plugs, cables, cables with plugs or all of them cable harnesses.

From single strand to cable set
  • Single wires
  • Multi-core cables
  • EMC shielded cables
  • Wire harnesses
  • HV cables (e-mobility)

Our machine park

Machines are utilised in the course of manufacturing, crimping, cutting-to-length and automatic insulation. It goes without saying that small and medium-sized series are manufactured in accordance with the same standards that are used for major series and also by taking account of the mandatory norms and guidelines.
  • Semi-automatic crimping machines for processing punched contacts
  • Stripper-Crimper for twisted contacts
  • Cutting and stripping machines
  • Crimping maschine CrimpCenter 36 S for fully automatic processing of stranded wires with a diameter of 0.13 to 6 mm² (26 - 10 AWG)
  • Adaptronic test and inspection applications

Devices check the cable quality

Cutting to length, stripping, soldering, tinning and the assembly of plug-in connections – cables must provide a consistent and long-lasting service. Whether the cables have the required quality, is verified in detail at in-Tec Bensheim: The crimp connections are checked with a so-called pull-tester. Crimped connectors and cables are pulled apart at varying traction speeds. The dimensional results, which can also take account of tearing curves, are automatically recorded in the computer and documented in the common file format (excel).

By means of a micro-section analysis, the crimp contacts can be inspected microscopically in great precision. in-Tec Bensheim has a micro-section laboratory, where micrograph analysis is performed. This can be agreed on within the context of a test plan.

These industries rely on in-Tec Bensheim for cable assembly

in-Tec Bensheim stands for technically sophisticated solutions. We can offer our services to numerous branches. Experience and flexibility distinguish us as a partner for connector and cable assembly. We develop, manufacture and deliver for the areas of automation, automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology. Our cable assemblies are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Do you want to find out more? Request your offer and contact us.