in-Tec Bensheim - Cable assembly

Connector & cable assembly and cable harnesses

Cable assembly is a task for specialists
Cable assembly is one of our core business. Cables are used in all modern areas of life: they transfer energy or signals on application devices - in electrical engineering, medical technology or automotive engineering. Each cable has its own individual requirements depending on the area of application. We have been a specialist in cable assembly since 1996.

Precise craftsmanship for your cabling

When it comes to the production of precise data and communication lines, shielded and unshielded cables, cable harnesses, multi-core special cables or round and flat strands, expertly precise craftsmanship is required. In the medical technology sector, we also process plug-in connection systems such as multi-couplings, quick-release couplings or solenoid valve couplings during assembly.
in-Tec Bensheim - Connector & cable assembly
in-Tec Bensheim creates concepts for cable assembly and implements them from small series to large series. The high requirements of our customers are met with careful development and assembly work.
in-Tec Bensheim - Cable harnesses
We assemble ready-to-install cable harnesses for industry and the medical sector. We produce customer-specific cable harnesses from prototypes to series production.
in-Tec Bensheim - High-voltage Cable assembly
Our specialists assemble high-voltage connectors and high-voltage cables for the on-board network according to the VDA standard. We rely on the low volume high mix.