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Material logistics, storage and stocking

High storage capacities - central location: a plus for logistics

in-Tec Bensheim manufactures in Germany. To be precise, it is situated in South Hesse, which is right in the heart of the metropolitan Rhine-Main-Neckar region. This allows our customers to integrate parts and components with the “Made in Germany” quality seal in their products. As a contract manufacturer, we process materials that have been delivered to us - e.g. for the component assembly. We also offer our customers the option of sourcing and storing the required materials and components in the required quality.

Material procurement and stockpiling are part of the service

The service of material procurement and storage contributes to the relief of our customers. In general, companies benefit from outsourcing: they save the cost-intensive effort involved in building up an appropriate specialist department. in-Tec Bensheim has a modern infrastructure, certified work processes and qualified employees who guarantee high-quality production.

Have it produced in advance - store it externally

The in-Tec Bensheim plant is equipped with two high-bay warehouses for approx. 1,450 pallets, 1,000 dust-resistant paternoster storage locations and a modern shuttle system with 140 square metres, ensuring optimal storage density. Our customers will find sufficient storage capacity with us if they want to outsource components that have been produced in advance. Already manufactured products are securely packed so that they are protected against environmental influences. In this way we help to get your goods to their destination on time.

Companies that rely on us for their material logistics can utilise the logistic benefits of our central production location. Thanks to our locations, long and possibly cost-intensive transports from abroad are no longer incurred. What is more, where necessary and desired, our freight forwarder can also serve the international market. Even time-critical goods reach their destination on the agreed date.