in-Tec Bensheim - Additional services

Customer-specific services

Full service for flexible solutions
Those companies wishing to outsource the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electric component manufacturing will find an experienced and flexible partner in in-Tec Bensheim. We manufacture and assemble according to specifications and can also support companies with product developments, or provide a contribution in helping them optimise their components.
in-Tec Bensheim - Development services
When it comes to finding technical solutions, we contribute our experience and expertise gained in assembly production and cable confection, and elaborate solutions together with our customers.
in-Tec Bensheim - Laser-etched labelling
At in-Tec Bensheim an efficient laser marker system is deployed, by means of which the components and structural elements are given a clear marking - also according to HIBC standards.
in-Tec Bensheim - Skin packaging
Skin packaging provides protection against moisture, dust, environmental burdens or breaks in addition to increasing the attractiveness of the goods at the same time.
in-Tec Bensheim - Quality management & test processes
“Made in Germany” is a traditional seal of quality that vouches for the high quality of a product. The components and assemblies of in-Tec Bensheim are also manufactured in discerning workmanship in Germany.
in-Tec Bensheim - Material logistics
in-Tec Bensneim offers its customers a full-service option and also assume the sourcing and logistics of components and parts, as well as provisioning.