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Laser-etched labelling: labelling components in a traceable manner

We are a accredited HIBC Solution Provider
Batch and serial numbers are essential for logistics, effective workflow and quality assurance, and ultimately prescribed by guidelines. With a product marking, the items can be clearly identified and assigned.

Uniform product labeling for medical devices: HIBC Solution Provider

Especially when producing medical engineering products, high demands need to be met. There is an international standard for this: Health Industry Barcode (HIBC). It contains all statutorily required information and is highly flexible, as it can integrate the manufacturer and item numbers of other normed barcodes. The US-American Unique Device Identification (UDI) is also taken into account by the HIBC coding system. in-Tec Bensheim is an accredited HIBC solution provider and as such is in a position to implement medical products in line with the global system for uniform product marking.

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Software allows sequential serial numbers

An efficient laser marking system is used at in-Tec Bensheim to label the components of parts and other products. The laser marking allows permanent marking. Depending on the lens used, a marking area of ​​up to 120 x 120 millimeters is possible. With the help of powerful software, automated markings such as consecutive serial numbers can also be implemented.

The compact laser station has a loading volume of 375 x 300 x 150 millimeters. It is particularly suitable for laser marking of components for laboratories and medical technology, but also for components from other branches of industry. The device proves to be very flexible because it can even mark curved shapes with its precise laser beam. Its speed is just as impressive: the system only needs five seconds to mark eight adapter pieces for dental tubing, for example.

Advantages of laser marking for our customers

  • suitable for almost all materials and surfaces
  • smudge-proof and robust
  • permanent marking
  • flexible label content
  • also for curved surfaces
  • high precision
  • fast and reliable
  • labeling with serial numbers possible