in-Tec Bensheim - Mechanical and pneumatic assembly of components

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Mechanical & electro-pneumatic assemblies

Certified manufacturing service provider
In in-Tec Bensheim, companies will find a certified contract manufacturer who carefully manufactures mechanical and pneumatic assemblies such as housings, hose components or hose systems carrying media.

Sensitive parts and components, for example for dental or medical technology, but also for the automotive industry, require professional assembly.

We manufacture assemblies for these industries:
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Clear areas reduce contamination

We perform medical-technical contract manufacturing in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 quality norm and in-Tec Bensheim is certified for manufacturing in accordance with these guidelines. For highly sensitive medical devices that must be manufactured under hygienic conditions, we have cleanliness classes that minimise the risk of impurities to the largest possible extent. So as to avoid electrostatic discharge, we are equally diligent with regard to ESD production during manufacturing processes.

With every contract manufacturing order, we create detailed documentation that records the workflow sequences as well as inspections of the quality features that have been determined in the beginning. With special requirements, in-Tec Bensheim develops measurement and testing facilities together with the client, so as to verify the quality of the components.

Mechanical & pneumatic components

in-Tec assembles individual parts into high-quality mechanical systems and devices. Depending on the technical characteristics of the assembly, these can be manufactured manually, partially or fully automatically.

We manufacture pneumatic assemblies for our customers, e.g. ready-to-install hose systems (carrying medium) including connections for integration into a dental unit.
At a glance – in-Tec Bensheim produces mechanical & pneumatic components for its clients such as, for instance:
  • housing
  • media-carrying hoses
  • hose components
  • hose systems
Specifically, these can be electro-pneumatic instrument hoses for the dental sector or complete systems for integration into medical devices. We supply ready-to-install hose systems for dental units, medium-carrying hose systems for cosmetic treatments or hose sets for medical devices.