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Assembled cables manufactured according to customer requirements

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Assembled cables have been part of in-Tec Bensheim's services since it was founded in 1996. Companies from different industries have us assemble different cables. We look forward to your inquiry.

Your manufacturer for assembled cables

If you want to buy pre-assembled cables, we offer you an individual assembly. We assemble single wires and cables or even entire cable harnesses. We are also your contact if you would like to have a special clothing. Just get in touch with us. We are the cable assembler for your specifications from single strands to cable sets. You expect assembled cables and connectors of the best quality in the agreed time at fair conditions. We meet your requirements. Our quality management and the previously defined test procedures guarantee that your cables meet your requirements. Crimp connections are checked with a pull tester, a so-called pull tester. We also have a grinding laboratory in which we carry out micrograph analysis.

Assembled cables in numbers: assembly rate of over 220,000 pieces per year

We assemble over 220,000 cables per year, depending on the order situation, of course, more. Our team guarantees the consistently high quality of the orders. As experienced professionals, we know that the assembly and processing of cables of all kinds requires a high degree of care. Assembled cables are manufactured at in-Tec Bensheim with automatic crimping, cutting and stripping machines. Small and medium-sized series are of course manufactured according to the same standards as large series and taking into account the prescribed norms and guidelines.

We specialise in providing pre-assembled cables developed for demanding sectors such as medical technology and industry. Our pre-assembled cables stand for precision and reliability and are designed to deliver maximum performance in their environment. With our in-depth expertise in cable assembly, we offer you solutions that are efficient, precise and durable.

What are assembled cables?

When talking about prefabricated or assembled cables, different variants of the assembly are conceivable. Assembled cables are usually ready for connection, with or without a connector, implemented as a cable bundle or as a cable harness with connectors, wire end sleeves or contacts.

Assembled cables for different areas of application

Assembled cables and wires can be used in various industries. Whether in the automotive sector, in various branches of industry, in mechanical engineering or in the automation sector - our cables are used in a variety of ways. We fall back on the manufacturers you prefer or on the products of our long-term partners.

Further services related to assembled cables

You don't just want to have your cables assembled, but are you looking for a competent service provider for everything to do with cabling? Our company offers you service along the cable assembly value chain.

  • The production of cable harnesses takes place with the use of wrapping tapes, corrugated pipes, insulation tubes or shrink tubes. Whether a prototype or start of series production - talk to us.
  • We not only keep an eye on production, but also on stocks. We can store your materials in our two high-bay warehouses at our location in Bensheim.
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