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Device assembly for complete devices

Device assembly from one source according to your specifications
As a partner for device assembly, we accompany you on the way to your final product. The assembly of complete devices includes mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical or combined systems and control units and the further device assembly of subassemblies. We also undertake complex assembly work and special assemblies.

Are you looking for your service provider for equipment assembly?

With in-Tec Bensheim, your finished device is made from individual parts.
  • Material procurement
  • Assembly of the device / assembly of the module into the housing
  • Cabling and wiring
  • Commissioning
  • Programming
  • Labeling
  • Tests and quality inspection according to test instructions
  • Packing ready for shipment

Go into series production with us

Many companies benefit from outsourcing their products. Competent manufacturing is more feasible for many of our customers outside. For numerous devices we take over the assembly of your complete system and also go into series production.

Use our capacities for device assembly

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How does the cooperation for device assembly take place?

As an experienced service provider for equipment assembly, we know what customers expect from us. Price and performance are certainly the most important arguments for placing an order. However, what counts most in the run-up is a joint discussion about expectations and possible challenges. We clarify processes and work steps with you, the concrete implementation, required materials and material flow, and quality issues. After your approval, we can start with the equipment assembly.

For which industries do you undertake device assembly?

What do the workstations for device assembly look like?

Our workplaces are equipped according to current standards. As a rule, we work at the assembly station with our own tools and machines, which we can adapt after consultation with the customer.

You have these advantages when you outsource your assembly

  • Saving of resources
  • Increase of effectiveness and flexibility
  • Recognize optimization potentials with the "view from the outside

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