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Component assembly

Our service turns parts and components into assemblies

You can make better use of your internal resources if you use our services for component assembly. We can offer the assembly of sub-groups or complete devices for all industries. in-Tec Bensheim is at your side during development and assembly. Benefit from an economic mindset, solid experience since 1996 and a dynamic team.

Component assembly by in-Tec Bensheim

Services according to your specifications

Save time and human resources in the company. Our capacities ensure that assemblies are assembled and delivered in the given time. The comprehensive portfolio also includes the functional and final tests of the assemblies. Whether mechanical engineering, medical or automotive industry - you can count on the proven in-Tec quality. As experienced fitters, we draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our knowledge therefore also flows into individual advice on optimizing components. Just ask.

Equipment for your component assembly

Well-equipped assembly areas

Trained specialists are dedicated to the assembly of components. A special, antistatic ESD area protects the component assembly from electrostatic discharges and ensures product integrity. A clean room as a cleanliness area ensures the targeted minimization of contamination risks for sensitive components.

What is meant by component assembly?

Our expertise as an OEM manufacturer in sub-assembly

Subassembly refers to the process of putting together prefabricated parts and components into functioning systems or products known as assemblies. This process can include complete or partial assemblies and involves the integration of various elements, for example electrical and pneumatic. As a long-standing OEM manufacturer, we have experience in providing assembly services to a wide range of renowned companies.

Find out more about the company in-Tec Bensheim and its services for component assembly.

Component assembly in small and large numbers

Assembled according to your requirements

Whatever requirements you place on us for the assembly of your assemblies, we deliver in small numbers or for large series. Together we define the processes and details of your order to us based on your requirements. Your company will benefit directly from time savings and cost advantages. The assembly line is adapted for your component assembly.

Assemble and manufacture assemblies from a single source

Quality for your assemblies

Before assembly, we also manufacture ready-to-install and sensitive components such as sensors or circuit boards. At the same time, we take care of the procurement of the individual parts and components if required. You can also transfer storage and logistics to us. The production effort for your assemblies should be minimized for you. As a contract manufacturer, we keep assembly assembly as efficient as possible.

Qualified, tested and certified

Complex processes, reliably done

We take on complex processes for our customers. The advantages are apparent.

  • We can professionally map parts of your production or complete device assemblies in the component assembly.
  • Our customers can concentrate on their core business.
  • Through our work, companies can save on infrastructure and technology.
  • Experience pays off: Customers can count on our specialist knowledge and competence.