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Excellent contract assembly for your company

Customised solutions in contract manufacturing and component assembly

Discover high-quality contract assembly solutions that efficiently support your production. We offer customised services for a wide range of industry requirements.

Our contract assembly services include:

  • Parts assembly: Precise assembly of individual components.

  • Component assembly: Careful assembly of complex components.

  • Complete assembly: Complete manufacture of end products.

  • Quality assurance: Strict controls to ensure compliance with the highest standards and your specifications.

  • Flexible production solutions: Customisable services for different quantities and requirements.

Sector-specific expertise

We offer specialised contract assembly services for various sectors, including the medical industry and industrial manufacturing, and adapt precisely to your needs.

Extended services for the assembly of modules

Benefit from the many advantages of contract manufacturing. This service allows you to react flexibly to order fluctuations without having to invest in specialised personnel or expensive equipment. Concentrate on your core competences while we provide efficient and high-quality assembly solutions. With contract assembly, you reduce your costs by converting fixed costs into variable costs and thus increase your operational efficiency. Rely on our experience to ensure your product quality and shorten the time-to-market of your products.

  • Outsourcing of assembly work: Taking over time-consuming and labour-intensive assembly activities to relieve your internal resources.

  • Storage options: Directly connected warehouse for efficient handling of your products.

  • Packaging service: Professional packaging solutions for the safe transport and sale of your products.

We accompany complex processes with expertise and experienced handling. Detailed documentation and testing according to previously defined quality features guarantee the quality of the components. We manufacture medical technology assemblies in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 quality standard.

Contact us for customised solutions and find out how we can support your production with our expertise.