Cable harness manufacturer automotive

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Cable harness manufacturer automotive

We create connections for the vehicle electrical system

As a cable harness manufacturer for the automotive industry, we ensure safe cable connections in the low-voltage range. Be it the assembly of cable harnesses for the LV on-board network or the control units. in-Tec Bensheim develops integrated cabling solutions for your project.

in-Tec Bensheim GmbH is a manufacturer of cable assemblies and cable harnesses for the automotive industry. The products of our company are used in various car models. Increasingly, in-Tec supplies the automotive sector especially in the growing e-mobility sector with high-voltage cables and components, but also the shipping and marine and transport sector. The development and production of today's wiring systems is complex and requires specialists. Learn more on

Experience as a cable harness manufacturer automotive

Since 1996 we have been producing cable harnesses, cable assemblies and cable harnesses, which we manufacture according to the requirements of our customers using the latest technology. From development to production and assembly, we offer the automotive sector a complete service for the production of cable harnesses. In Bensheim you can get an idea of our modern production. Arrange an appointment to visit us.

The installation of in-Tec cable harnesses is quick and easy. Our expertise in automation, industry and automotive electronics enables us to prepare our customers' electrical systems for perfect integration.

Service for the automotive industry

We help you meet your automotive business needs by designing and manufacturing the perfect solutions for a variety of automotive components and systems. In addition to cable assembly, we design, manufacture and assemble customized assemblies for customers worldwide. With advanced solutions and technologies, we provide reliable, efficient and cost-optimized support.

How can we support your company in cable harness manufacturing? We look forward to receiving your inquiries. If you would like more information, please contact us +49 (0)6251 70588-0