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Cable harness production

Customized cable harness according to your requirements for your systems

We take care of cable harness production and design development for you. in-Tec Bensheim manufactures cable harnesses from specially pre-assembled individual cables and all accessories according to customer documents or our own development work on behalf of the customer. If required, we integrate pre-assembled cable harnesses into existing systems or combine them. In addition to cable harness production, we carry out all processes related to the cable harness (e.g. crimping cables and cable assembly).

We are one of the most experienced suppliers of cable harnesses for the railroad industry and mechanical engineering or for medical technology. We are also active as a cable harness manufacturer in the automotive sector, especially for prototypes and the off-highway sector. Customized cable harnesses can be planned and manufactured in close cooperation with our specialists.

Cable harness production at the highest technical level

Our modern machinery also includes a high-performance crimping machine. This automatic crimping machine enables us to meet our customers' assembly requirements even more efficiently. As before, nothing works without the use of tools and or the precise hands and eyes of our skilled workers.

Quality during manufacturing is just as important as testing during the Cable harness design and manufacturing phase. We put the created connections through their paces - or better, their pull and picture. Pull testers, micrograph examinations and other tests ensure the consistently high quality of the results.

We manufacture cable harnesses according to customer requirements

We manufacture customer-specific cable harnesses either according to existing customer documents or we are also available for the development of cable harnesses. Compatibility is a main feature of our production. We manufacture according to ISO 9001 requirements to ensure standardized production and continuous improvement. Connectors assembled by hand or by machine are thoroughly tested. We achieve this goal through our efficient processes and achieve optimal results during assembly.

Due to our experience with customized solutions and our high standards, we are able to offer end-to-end quality assurance for our products. We are a steadily growing family business. You get innovative design, quality products, respect for your schedule and budget, and flexible options that can save you time and money. Contact us if you would like a quote.

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Our service for cable harness prototypes

Requirements analysis
Our dedicated team of experts begins the process with a thorough analysis of your requirements. We take the time to understand your specific needs, technical requirements and design ideas in order to develop a customised solution for your prototype wiring harness.

Design and concept
Based on the requirements identified, we create a detailed design and concept for your prototype wiring harness. We consider factors such as electrical connections, compatibility with other systems and optimal component placement. Our goal is to develop a highly functional and efficient wiring harness that meets your requirements.

Material selection
We place great emphasis on selecting high quality materials for the manufacture of your prototypes. Our high quality range includes a variety of insulated cables, connectors, protective sheaths and accessories from the most reputable manufacturers to ensure your harness meets the highest quality standards.

Fabrication and assembly
Our experienced craftsmen will turn your approved design into reality. Using modern manufacturing techniques and precision tooling, your prototype harnesses are manufactured and assembled with the utmost care. Every step of the process is carried out to the highest quality standards and your harness meets the functional and technical requirements.

Delivery and customer service
As soon as your prototype cable harnesses are finished, they are delivered on time according to your requirements. Afterwards, we will be happy to support you with any further concerns.

Series production option
We enable you to seamlessly transition the final prototypes into series production. Our production capacities ensure that we can meet your requirements even in larger quantities. From prototype development to series production, we are your reliable partner.