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Skin packaging – An appealing protection for products

As a logistic partner, in-Tec Bensheim assumes responsibility for the packaging of the goods. Skin-packaging is an important element in this regard. Practically seen, this packaging is used in transport, fixating the individual parts or assortments with a transparent skin film. It provides protection against moisture, dust, environmental burdens or break. At the same time, the skin packaging increases the attractiveness of the goods.

Skin-carton: an advertising medium

The skin packaging lets the goods speak for themselves: Thanks to the fact that the film is fitted like a transparent skin on the packaged parts, the products remain visible. The skin carton can also be printed in an appealing and promotionally effective manner – one-sided or on both sides, uni-coloured or with four-colour printing for colour motifs. Thus the film, which can be easily removed, upgrades the print, as it adds shine to the colours.

Should it be required, in-Tec Bensheim can support its customers by providing them the services of creative service providers, who are experienced in designing skin cartons.

In-Tec Bensheim realises about 63,000 skin packages per year. They are suited for all technical, medical and hygienic items made of metal or synthetic materials, as well as for high-quality precision tools, instrument sets, construction market goods or office supplies. Appropriate in this regard are products with a height of up to ten centimetres.