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Partner for innovative developments and prototyping

in-Tec Bensheim is an innovative and reliable partner for companies wishing to expand their development service and extend their productivity. When it comes to finding technical solutions, we contribute our experience and expertise gained in assembly production and cable confection in the course of two decades, and elaborate solutions together with our customers.

Specialist know-how avoids expenses

Analysis is carried out before the start of development: in-Tec Bensheim provides consultation on feasibility and possible expenses. A high degree of specialist expertise is required with the conception of electronic components and the selection of the necessary parts, and this is provided by in-Tec Bensheim developers within the scope of projects. When in-depth expertise is taken into account already early on, this can prevent unnecessary expenses that are incurred by the selection of the wrong components. As a general principle, open communication with our customers, conducted on the foundation of mutual trust, constitutes the foundation for successful development work.

All specifications and amendments are documented in great detail. After the completion of all development steps, we create prototypes in our workshop that are then optimised to series maturity in the course of testing phases. Within this context, we create test concepts that are in line with customer specifications or develop individual measurement and testing facilities. Our company has been certified in accordance with the quality management norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. This confirms that in-Tec Bensheim works transparently in all production stages and in addition to confirming efficient cooperation among all parties involved.