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Check back in in-Tec

Health in Bensheim specialists for component manufacturing and assembly devices

in Bensheim-Tec, November 20, 2014 | ". I have back" So amusing how Hape Kerkeling with his somewhat eccentric fictional character Horst Schlämmer expresses back pain, diseases along the spine are not sure. The back is one of the most sensitive areas of the human. Often repetitive strain to prolonged sitting or standing are triggers for physical ailments. In addition, lack of exercise, wear or anatomical misalignments which are given individually. Around a quarter of all disability days are back injuries can be attributed. Therefore, the health insurance companies have taken some years back to target and fashionable with this disease awareness campaigns to fight. In this context, companies can provide for their employees contribute as on back of check-Tec in the middle of November, in which 30 Catching won a concrete picture of her spine.

Measure the back with high-tech

At 9 clock in the morning it started: On behalf of the initiative "Health for Germany", the (TK) is supported, among others, technicians health insurance and is under the patronage of Professor Dietrich Grönemeyer, two experts were from the health sector to provide advice to Bensheim - equipped with the latest high-tech equipment for the back analysis. In individual studies of the spine of the in-Tec teams were evaluated with the so-called MediMouse®, a handy, computer controlled measuring instrument, the shape and mobility. In contrast to X-ray it involves a gentle, mechanical-electronic measurement method without side effects. Moreover, it is fast: Measurement and data collection lasted less than five minutes. As a result, produced images and values which show if the spine has an S-shape or, for example is just how mobile the vortex and how fit the muscles that support the spine with its supporting function. The findings were discussed individually afterwards.

The Health for in-Tec has given employees a fascinating insight into her own body. Potential problems they now have the opportunity to specifically strengthen her back. Suggestions for prevention, there was that in a Flyer, a CD and small brochure of the initiative, who combined simple fitness exercises. The back-check found the team so a good response, that in-Tec now an annual Health plans that always deals with a different focus.