Concepts for High-Voltage cabling in line with VDA standards

The mobile market is currently experiencing a significant transformation. Especially in the commercial vehicle sector and outside of large-scale productions, vehicles with an electric powertrain are already being developed today and - where possible - existing vehicle lines are being converted.

The powertrain of hybrid and electric vehicles is connected with high-voltage cables and high-voltage joining techniques. The joining techniques must be constructed in such a manner that they can handle high currents. At the same time, though, they must be simple regarding their handling. The systems are complex, and the conditions to be satisfied regarding the reliability of the individual components and their interfaces are high. The individual product requirements placed on high-voltage connectors are stipulated in LV215-1 and LV215-2.

Low Volume High Mix

in-Tec Bensheim manufactures joining techniques in accordance with the VDA standard and offers individual solutions, especially for small volumes. In cooperation with the customer, in-Tec Bensheim develops connectors that are not yet available on the market today. Connections of up to 95 mm² are possible. As your experienced partner, in-Tec Bensheim can also assist you with the processing of hybrid cables. Companies benefit from comprehensive consulting services regarding the selection of components, profound knowledge and many years of expertise.

Once a prototype has reached series maturity, in-Tec Bensheim can also assume responsibility for serial production. Low volume, high mix - and with service provided from a single source. By means of this, customers can rest assured in the knowledge that the quality of their connection technology remains consistently high.

in-Tec Bensheim connects you with the future of electrically-powered commercial vehicles and develops individual connection solutions for you.


The production of high-voltage connectors is subject to specific factory standards. For instance, the sealing between the plug connection and cable is a challenge that requires a high level of experience. Plug-in systems are subjected to high thermal and mechanical loads, and they have to be temperature, weather and aging resistant. Due to the clocked high voltage in hybrid or electrically-powered vehicles, electromagnetic shielding properties of the cable set, with its high-voltage cables and plug-ins, are of particular significance. Electromagnetic shielding properties must deliver measurable results with a high level of precision, and the measuring results must be reproducible.


The corresponding equipment is needed for development, production and monitoring. in-Tec Bensheim has an eccentric press with a compression performance of 20 tons. By means of this, cable cross-sections of up to 95 mm² can be pressed. Transfer resistances are measured with a fully automatic high-voltage test system of up to 2,650 V AC with four-pin low-ohm measurements. A single testing station of up to 6 KV AC is available for the development of prototypes. Depending on the requirements pertaining to connection technology, different hand-hydraulic tools are also deployed with manual processes.


With advanced product quality planning, in-Tec Bensheim plans the quality of connection technology for electric mobility. Possible weaknesses can be recognised and eliminated immediately, thanks to error report influence analyses and the evaluation of processes and components. Within the framework of process auditions that are performed by TE Connectivity, for instance, the process capability and as such the quality is ensured.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Expert consultation and the complete design of high-voltage cabling
  • Series-maturity production of a cabling system, also for harsh areas of application
  • Production in accordance with the VDA guidelines and LV215-1 and LV215-2
  • Sample deliveries are possible in a short time
  • Rapid response times
  • Processing of cables of the following brands: Huber + Suhner, Coroplast, LEONI or other brands, in accordance with your requirements, and for cross sections of up to 95 mm² and a temperature resistance of up to 180° C
  • Processing of HV connectors with protection class IP67 / IP6k9k, for temperatures ranging from -40° C up to 140° C and for currents of up to 750 A  / 1.000 V, in a variety of different versions.
  • Documentation plans of the cabling design for subsequent orders
  • Material procurement and stocking

Our portfolio for your connection

In-Tec Bensheim plans, documents and produces your connectors. We can process wire sizes of up to 95 mm². Connectors we use for your components are, for instance:

HVA 280

2 and 3 pole; up to 36 A and 850 V; -40° C up to 140° C; 360° shielded; 4 mm² up to 6 mm²; protection class: IP67 / IP6k9k

HVA 630

2 and 5 pole; up to 36 A and 850 V; -40° C up to 140°; C 360° shielded; 4 mm² up to 6 mm²; protection class: IP67 / IP6k9k

HVP 800

Execution: 90° and 180° 2 and 3 pole; up to 250 A and 1000 V; -40° C up to 140° C; 360° shielded; 16 mm² up to 50 mm²; protection class: IP67 / IP6k9k


1,2 and 3 pole; up to 250 A and 850 V; -40° C up to 140° C; 360° shielded; 16 mm² up to 50 mm²; protection class: IP67 / IP6k9k

HVP 1100

Execution: 90°
1 pole; up to 320 A and 750 VDC; -40° C up to 125° C; 360° shielded; 35 mm² up to 95 mm²; protection class: IP67 / IP6k9k

Pioneer for your solutions

Walter Müller Walter Müller

Profound knowledge and many years of expertise constitute the essential basis for the development and production of high-voltage connectors. Walter Müller is the head of the in-Tec Bensheim development team. With his experience of more than 20 years in the cable manufacturing sector and in a number of different industry groups such as automotive, industry and medicine, he accompanies the projects at in-Tec Bensheim. At TE Connectivity, he specialised in the cabling of high-voltage systems.

Walter Müller masterminds future solutions for your vehicle’s high-voltage connection technology and determines the right components for these. Simply arrange an appointment with him and tell him about your intended plan - he will lead your plan toward its realisation.