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Complex processes: Assembly of complete devices

The manufacturing of complete devices can comprise the assembly of merely a few components but also the complex assembly of hundreds of individual parts. With in-depth knowledge regarding component assembly, which has been built up and deepened by our specialists and experts in the course of more than 20 years, in-Tec Bensheim supports manufacturers from the fields of medical engineering, automation, special machine construction and e-mobility.

Included in the great variety of production processes are services such as turned, milled or die-cut parts for housings and functional modules; printed circuit boards in through-hole technology and surface-mounting technology, the cabling concept with complete manufacture and documentation, as well as input and output components and interfaces.

Complete support, from planning to production and right up to delivery logistics

in-Tec Bensheim accompanies the entire product life cycle: with our specialist expertise we support our clients when it comes to product development, consult them, or assume responsibility for planning the resources. If the equipment production refers to a new product, we manufacture the prototype and optimise it in comprehensive test stages, as well as in close coordination with the client. Once series maturity has been attained, we as a contract manufacturer take over the production, packaging, storage, as well as the delivery logistics. Should this be desired, in-Tec Bensheim can provide additional performances beyond this that refer to service and maintenance or also tasks revolving around the EU directive WEEE/ElektroG.

At a glance – the assembly of complete devices comprises mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical or combined systems and control units. For instance, in-Tec Bensheim produces the following for its clients:

  • installation section pieces
  • in/output devices
  • units with an independent function>